Compliance Concept Analysis

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A Concept Analysis of Compliance with Lifestyle Modification
Lana S. Moore
Oregon State University

A Concept Analysis of Compliance with Lifestyle Modification
Lifestyle modification is an important concept for patients with chronic conditions, but is also crucial for healthy patients who wish to prevent the development of chronic diseases. Nurses of all types are charged with the responsibility of educating patients regarding specific lifestyle changes in order to help improve their current health state, and to prevent various medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. According to the writings of Shay (2008), numerous factors exist that specifically influence an individual’s ability to adhere to healthy behavior patterns. The subject matter for this analysis was chosen in regards to the nursing theorist, Nola Pender, and takes her theory of health promotion into account. This concept analysis cites several ideals that need to be in place, in order for an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The specific aim of this concept analysis is to further analyze the concept of compliance as it relates to necessary lifestyle modifications utilizing the Walker and Avant (2010) framework for concept analyses.
Literature review
Literature from nursing and several related fields was systematically searched in databases including, but not limited to CINAHL, PubMed, The Cochrane Database and the World Wide Web. The search sequence used for each database included the following words and/or terms: compliance, lifestyle modification, lifestyle modifications, lifestyle changes, healthy lifestyle, exercise regimens, compliance and diet, compliance and exercise, compliance and weight loss. The goal of this specific search sequence was to attempt to capture as many articles as possible that used the words
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