Complexities of the U.S Financial System

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Complexities of the U.S. Financial system There is a root behind all evil but there is also a solution to our economic problems. Have you ever thought about the process it takes for you to obtain a loan for your business, or who your personal bank might report to? Do you ever wonder exactly why are economy is in debt, how major business fail, or just exactly where does the bank get their money from or who what our country imports or exports? Well, the financial market is responsible for regulating all that you may have had questioned. The financial market is the electricity to our economy and without them, what would you do if the bank did not have your withdrawal available for you? Financial markets serve a purpose of creating a system for people to understand what controls their economic behavior. The market economy sets guidance as our economy revolves around goods and services. The main question is what purpose do financial markets serve? The financial market acts as a liaison between consumers and goods or services. To be more specific, the financial market would be the middle man- customers, finance, and goods/services. Take for example; a business wants to promote their product on a commercial- which might cost thousands of dollars. Financial intermediaries, like banks, will get involved and transfer capital by pulling savings from many consumers who might bank with this bank (Florida Internationl University, 2008, p.3). This process in return will create a new asset- a loan. Once the bank charges the interest rate and pays their portion of interest rate to the Federal Reserve, the bank then makes profit of the company that is borrowing money from them. The financial market helps aid the economy by generating financial assets. Furthermore, financial markets play a significant role in the economy in so many ways. From the business aspect and individual

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