Complexion Essay

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In the essay “Complexion” written by Richard Rodriguez, he talks about how he fights the image of the Mexican laborer as he struggles to forge a new identity as a student and intellectual. Rodriguez tells us that his complexion is dark and how it affects him wherever he goes which makes him feel insecure about himself. His mother also believed that “dark skin was for my mother the most important symbol of life of oppressive labor and poverty” (351). Growing up, he feels “divorced” from his body such as being insecure and overweight. Rodriguez feels uncertain about himself and other people mostly the braceros that he resembled in a way and didn’t at all. Although barely looking at them sometimes, he still envied them. He felt uneasy feelings about other people and doubts about himself as well. Growing up into an adult, I can also relate to Rodriguez. When we step outside of our homes we feel different about ourselves: it makes us feel uncomfortable which also causes me to feel more insecure, less talkative depending on whom I’m speaking with, and feeling not good enough for anyone, not even myself. Growing up into an adult I am really insecure about myself. At home, I feel I am happy for who I am since my family makes me feel more comfortable because you know they are willing to accept you no matter what, which makes it so easy to be yourself. I feel more comfortable at home because I know my family doesn’t judge me and they have known me since the day I was born. I have gone through hard times in my life which they were the ones I could rely on and for that, I know they will love me unconditionally. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone at home but once you step outside your house that’s when it is a totally different world. When I am outside of my house like especially when I’m at the mall or at school, I feel insecure. I’m afraid of being myself because I
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