Complex of Professional Competences of Foreign Language Teacher

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Topic 3 Nowadays a competence based approach is a dominant in foreign language education. It has many advantages as it has replaced the knowledge based approach in educational system. This new model of education brings huge changes which are more beneficial in formation of future specialist of modern society. Of course, it concerns teaching foreign languages. When we speak about a complex of competences in formation of future foreign language teacher, we can divide all those competences into 2 big groups: objective and common. I think, the first group is the most important for teaching. It contains, first of all, intercultural communicative competence, which is the head of all foreign language education. As you know, the final goal of our foreign language education is formation of subject of intercultural communication. So this competence is the most important for future teacher. Also we can refer professional-oriented and professional-identifying competences to objective group. These competences is not less important. Because they form abilities of future specialist to recognize the role and meaning of foreign language education as one of the main intellectual resources of social development. Also, they brings the important idea for teacher to realize foreign language teaching and means of communication on the intercultural level. If we speak about common competences, there we can point out instrumental, which consists of all means and methods of teaching; methodical, consisting of ability to manage educational process according to official documents; interpersonal, which forms the ability and readiness to lead the culture of intercultural communication; and systematic, which brings the form of all competences that helps students to use systematic approach in knowledge acquiring. Analysing all these competences, we should say that this competence model of
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