Complete Analysis of Disney Parks and Resorts

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Company Analysis and Strategic Plan of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Davenport University Abstract Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has a plethora of divisions under its umbrella. These include all the parks and resorts worldwide, Disney Cruise Line, Adventure by Disney, and Disney Vacation Club. The management structure has allowed for the delegation of tasks to keep operations running smoothly. However, as with any major company, Disney Parks faces its fair share of challenges, and in some instances failures. Regardless, through constant clear communication and innovative imagination, solutions present themselves as if from magic. One such issue is that competitors have found the Disney formula and are taking a swing at the king. Disney must maintain its advantage by critically observing its day to day activities, as well as, the external forces that may affect the future of the company. By using a SWOT analysis Disney Parks can assess both the positive and negative aspects of the organization. All in an effort to develop solutions and ideas to maintain its spot at the top in the theme park industry. As a result the proper segment of the population must be targeted for their product to continue its success. Walt Disney World has always been regarded as a place for children and where grown-ups can go to rekindle and relive their childhood. However, with the ever improving offerings from nearby competitors this concept of marketing to children will leave Walt Disney World in the proverbial dust. In order to compete with the likes of surging rivals such as Universal Orlando, Disney Parks must assess the various segments it must cater to in order to maintain its foothold as the leader in the industry. With careful analysis it is clear that in addition to children, adults, teenagers and different ethnic backgrounds must be recognized in the product

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