Competitive Intelligence Essay

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Competitive Intelligence essay Competitive Intelligence Abstract There are many challenges to face in this century. It's an era of information. Those who have the best information are going to win the race for supremacy on the market. More and more managers are aware of the fact that they have to do something to remain on the market and to be successful. They have to adapt and to try to gain an advantage over the competitors. Nowadays, the only thing that makes the difference is the company's competitiveness. The times when the one who had the capacity to produce more was the leader are long gone; now all the actors on every market are focused on quality and this leads to severe competition. What is left then? How can a company gain competitive advantage? The only thing that can make a difference is not the quality of the product but the quality of the information they posses about the market, the client, the product, the technological process, management etc. It's about the information management. It's about competitive intelligence. Key words: competitive intelligence, information, intelligence, strategy "It is pardonable to be defeated, but never to be surprised." Frederick the Great In today's fast changing business world, no-one likes surprises. The ability to be pro-active and not reactive is one of the greatest techniques for creating value within an organization. This requires a continuous process of transforming information into intelligence so that a company can manage the future. Winning a battle in the business area implies, like in any other face-off, knowing your opponent, in this case, the competition, very well. The manager cannot make a viable strategy, founded solely on information about his company. A competitive strategy means that one is competitive because he differentiates himself from the others. And for this, one has to know what the

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