A Competitive Edge in Todays Workplace

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A Competitive Edge in Today’s Workplace Construct and Support an Argument In order to gain a competitive edge in today’s workplace I have elected to continue my education through the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in technology management. Upon completion of this program I hope to enter a new career field. For the last four years I have been working in the banking industry where I came to understand that I have strong management skills that would be better employed as an office or business manager. Using the Jungian 16 – Type Personality Assessment I found that my personality type is ISTJ. The Jungian Assessment explains that individuals with an ISTJ score are organized, compulsive, private, trustworthy, and practical with possible careers as office managers, accountants, business managers, tax agents or public servants (Self Assessment Library, 2007). I believe that my Jungian 16 – Personality Type assessment supports the decision I made to gain an MBA. Pursuing a master’s degree had not been on my agenda until recently. However, after completing my bachelor’s degree I came to understand that achieving a master’s degree would be necessary to enter a competitive career field. Most MBA programs offer many benefits such as business knowledge, leadership abilities, and networking opportunities. Many articles claim that an MBA holder will have more career opportunities in various fields and advance further within their organizations (UNHMBA, 2008). “No single opportunity can so dramatically alter an individual’s career path or earning potential like an MBA. In less than two years, a student can obtain the knowledge, skills, perspective, and networks that otherwise would take a lifetime to acquire” (Dove, 2007). I chose to concentrate my MBA in technology management because technology is a continuously growing and changing.

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