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Week 2- Competitive Advantage HTT/220 September 18, 2014 Michelle Bush The national chain resort hotel that I chose was the Wyndham brand hotels. I am familiar with this company as I currently work for one of its franchises. The independent company that I chose to compare and contrast is the Colonel Williams Resort and Suites of Lake George, New York. On a marketing level, I believe that the Wyndham resorts and hotels connect to the customer in a better fashion. The Wyndham brand is recognizable worldwide and is easily locatable on the internet just by typing in Wyndham Resorts. While the Colonel Williams Resort and Suites does not have brand recognition and is one of many resorts and hotels in the area, making it more difficult to connect to prospective guests. Although, once on the websites, the Colonel Williams Resort and Suites provide extensive details about the resort and surrounding area. This draws prospective guests in and allows them to better connect to the business. In both cases technology has allowed travelers to easily connect to the hotel and access information via the internet. Either resort was easily located online through a quick search. Each business provides a complete listing of information that allows travelers to view availability, rates, amenities, contact information and packages. Further, both resorts offer online booking for ease in the reservation process. The distinct advantage that Wyndham has is a large call center that can easily walk through the reservations process with travelers that do not have internet access or prefer to speak to someone directly. This is a competitive advantage over independent resorts that can only field one or two calls at a time. Business in the hospitality industry can utilize technology to improve guest experience by gathering guest information to improve the overall quality of the stay.

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