Competition Right Or Wrong? Essay

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Competition: A Good Thing Competition is a good thing; furthermore competition is unavoidable. Are we not as human beings competing to be the best in at least something? If one is a Christian, is he or she not competing to overcome the sin in a fallen world. An athlete competes in a race or physical contest, and an employee competes to advance in his or her career, and in relationships, we compete for affection and acceptance. Competition is the medium we use to obtain these desires, and it is a good thing. Competition is the place for goals and even dreams to be achieved. Motivation rises from competition. Competition is even said to be a path to self-discovery. These great aspects of competition are too often overshadowed by the negative expressions chosen by those who bring a frown to the word competition. I do not believe competition exist to bring others down; also, I do not believe competition renders a shallow winner and/ or loser. Competition is centered around improvement—reaching inside and grasping the God-given will to succeed. Our very existence involves competition, both internal and external, on a recurring basis. Competition allows one to achieve his or her utmost desires and leads another to discover who he or she really is. Competition is a great part of life; it is by choice, however, for competition to be valued in a positive way. We all compete for something in this life; and competition remains the conduit by which we receive a

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