Competition Right from Childhood – Is It Good or Bad? Essay

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From early childhood, majority of human beings today are being pushed towards being competitive in nature. The need is to be better than the others. The origin of competitive instincts can be traced back to the evolution of mankind. As Charles Darwin put it, evolution is all about survival of the fittest, direct competition between individuals, populations or species for survival. If we look at an individual’s life, right from the toddler stage the child is faced with competition, be it academic or social. Competition leads to developing of healthy attitudes about winning and losing. It also leads to developing the skills and abilities of the individuals. Competition also contributes to individual personality development where the individuals become aware about their strengths and limitations and work around the same. Individuals also develop social confidence and learn how to work with others. Competition also benefits through learning of new skills and developing of competence in particular areas. Competition, obviously, has its pitfalls with individuals being unable to cope with the loss, loss of selfconfidence and self worth, sense of humiliation, etc. There are cases where the child might not be able to handle the same and is faced with severe challenges for their entire lifetime. People need to understand that the competitive instincts need to be kept within healthy limits. The goals should be realistic and achievable in nature, and even the sub-steps of achievement should be acknowledged. The rules of fairness should be clearly put across and the focus should be on the individual becoming better and not putting others

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