Competition in the Health Care Industry

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Brandon Urso Competition within the Health Care Industry HCA421: Health Care Planning & Evaluation Instructor Fran Steel 08/22/2012 Competition within the Health Care Industry What type of impact does competition serve in the evolution and further development of modern medicine within the health care industry? The competition within the health care industry is an essential component in the progression of medicine and the method in which services are provided to the patient. The fact the health care industry is an extremely competitive commerce has been extremely beneficial in the improvement of services, resources, and competencies within the health care organization. The various aspects of health care inevitability derive from the treatment provided to the patient. How might competition impact the services provided to the patient? How does the improvement upon the resources, tools, and competency of medical staff personnel involve the element of competition? If we were to consider how far modern medicine has evolved within the last several decades, it is obvious that the competition for further improvement has allowed the health care industry to evolve exponentially. The services provided to the patient, the resources available to the patient, the tools utilized during patient treatment, and the level of knowledge and expertise of the medical staff all impact the proficiency and reputation of the health care organization. As a patient we place the utmost faith and fidelity within the hands of those providing treatment, we are entrusting personal information about ourselves with the unanimous understanding that our best interests will always remain a priority, and we expect successful treatment regardless of the reason or purpose for the visit. As modern medicine has evolved, the transition into the evolution in technology has also caused significant changes

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