Competency V Essay

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Quanisha Burgess Competency Statement V ( To Ensure a well-run purposeful program that is responsible to participate need ) I Believe that my teaching practice meet this standard in many ways. However one teaching method that I think is important is communicating with the child, I observed what the child does and say , by documents and keeping a file on each child in my class for instance I use my observation tool to see the learning levels for each child in my class, The observation tool helps me to learn the children in my class. I have been a teacher for over ten years and have used the same method, I find it much easier to communicate one on one with the child instead of in a group, most children feels more comfortable having one on one time , rather than talking in a group. I agree that observation tools and forms are important especially in early childhood development stage, I use observation tools and forms daily, by completing a anecdotal record to emphasize, what a child can do and there achievements and weakness this record provide data based on a childs interest and progress . Also I have journal books for each child in my class, this tool helps me to learn the childs behavior it allows me to help the child learning needs. Observation and documentation are very valuable tools, it is an excellent way to track the progress of learning for children that will measure the growth and embedded into every child care program, observation should always be followed by documentation, you should take anecdotal notes daily free of behavior opinions to record behavior or activities. Observation can help providers get to know each childs strengths and weakness, helping children to adjust to their learning environment to better children behavior.

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