Competency Personal Statement Examples

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I am currently working for Poverty and Prevention service as part of the Childcare Team. I work as part of a strong team with families in some of the most deprived areas of ----. I frequently offer support, advice and guidance to parents in order to build their confidence and raise self esteem. Often our families are hard to engage with and a sensitive approach needs to be taken. I believe that by offering positive feedback and encouragement, can motivate parents. Having undertaken training on Poverty in Swansea, I can identify areas of need and sign post to relevant services. I have recent experience of observing a family focus group and have gained useful insights into the range of services that can be accessed by service users. I am…show more content…
I believe that people learn best when experiences are hands on a self directed. I am highly proficient at the computer and familiar with all programmes. I consistently use the computer to make sessions interactive by incorporating videos, lyrics from songs and poems to make sessions interactive, challenging and memorable. As an ambitious person, I have always tried to promote my own professional development where ever possible. I am keen to try new things and am open to new ideas and approaches. I have recently completed City and Guilds qualification in working with parents and understand the issues that have a direct impact on a families ability to parent effectively. I am currently studying for a qualification in leadership and management; this has allowed me to explore the use of motivational factors to build problem solving skills. The positions I have held, highlight my ability to communicate effectively in a range of situations. Highly competent, motivated and driven; I have proved to be capable of transporting my skills and adapting them where necessary. I am excited at the prospect of working with parents to raise aspirations and improve the well being of children across the
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