Competency Goal 1 Essay

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Competency Goal 1 To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment I will first check outside to see if there is any potholes in the ground that way children don’t fall in while running. If there was any recent rain, I will check the area to see if there is any water. I will also check the play equipment if there’s any water on it, any bugs on them, and if all the bolts and screws are in tight. When we are playing outside or indoors, I will make sure all the children are doing what they are suppose to do. If we are coloring or making arts and crafts, I will supervise the children. I will make sure they are using scissors right and they don’t cut their selves. In order to keep children safe, I will make sure they are not climbing up the slides or not playing on the play equipment inappropriately. To make sure children arrive home safe, I will ID the parents and require them to supply a list of people that will be able to pick up their child. To provide a healthy place, before and after children eat, blow their nose, and use the restroom, they will need to wash their hands so they get all the germs off of them and are clean. Children need a structured schedule to fit their physical needs, I will make a schedule that makes time for children to eat, nap, exercise and have bathroom breaks. Children can get sick easily from others, so I will clean the toys and equipment daily to stay sanitized. Children should know about their family and where they come from. They should know what race and sex they are. Children also need to know about their culture and the language so they know who they are. I will make up lessons that incorporate these subjects. I will also come up with activities for outdoors and indoors that include group games, silent reading, individual arts and
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