Competency Essay

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Competency Goal I To establish and maintain a safe,healthy leavning envivoment To establish and maintain a safe healty learining envivoment means to be proctive when it comes to saftey. It means to keep all children safe and healthy. Safe; I provide a safe , healthy leavning envivoment in different ways . I make sure all toys are not broken including push pull toys. I make sure no broken glass or clutter is Free From Carpet. I make sure no medercation is inside bags no open bottles. I make sure every chld bag is lable that include clothing blankets. I make sure chids cots are lable. I meake sure when Laying down that Faces are not covered up so they can breath. I make sure water is at water temperature befor handwash. I use 10 Step Methods when chaning toodlers. I make sure if child is sick to get parents information Healthy; I use the 10 step methods to changing diapers and pull-ups. I also use the 2 step methods to clean the changing table like soap and bleach. I remove sick children from group time n lay the down until parents are called. I I make sureif toys are put in the mouth take it away and put in sink to be santertized. I make sure if outside all broken toys are throwed away in the garbage can. I make sure no kids are left on the playgrounds make sure no riding toys or push pull toys are broken. I make sure the names on my head count sheet is the same amount that I take outside. I make sure to ask parents if children have allegies. I make sure when coming inside all children hands are washed faces are cleaned. No toys are left unattened outside an I make sure if any accidents are repored up front to director. I make sure if I have a child that cant walk to take out high chairs an give that child toys to play with if I hav a child that is potty traing that I have aother tach with me outside. Learining; I provide a safe, heathly enviroment by following

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