Competencies of Banquet Managers Essay

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INTRODUCTION Significance of the Study Banquet function contributes a big amount to hotels and any other establishment that is related to food and beverage services. This study may give help for those who are engaged in food and beverage management. It will also develop awareness about the new strategies of selling and promoting their own banquet business. It may likewise create an idea to the society who is planning to have a banquet business. The findings of this research will enable hotels to identify strengths and weaknesses of their managers. Hence, the establishments can propose. Banquet operations include In-house banquet functions which take place in a venue chosen by client or in an airlines, boat, industrial site, and other places. Banquet service caters to various types of functions such as weddings, social events like parties, conventions, conferences, meetings, seminars, trade exhibits\, and other events. Banquet menu may take the form of: Sit down menus - where food is served using American or Russian service or both; Buffet - wherein foods are arranged in appropriate sequence in a buffet table and guests have to get food for themselves; Cocktail - hot and cold appetizers, finger foods like canapés and hor d’ oeuvres are served buffet style. Tables for guest are not set up since cocktail parties are supposed to be standing affair. In large hotels and food establishments, there is a separate section handling sales and bookings and another one for the delivery of banquet service. These two sub-sections have the following sections: 1) Banquet Sales Office: Under the command responsibility of the Banquet Sales Manager or Supervisor, this office is primarily responsible for: a) Designing banquet packages with their corresponding prices; b) Selling and promoting banquet facilities/services to prospective clients; c) Coordinating with various

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