Competencies Essay

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CHANGING & IMPROVING I identified that there was no in house visibility across the team with regards to holiday leave requests or any note of historic shift data, to overcome this I :- * created a staff rota database to efficiently record work patterns and hours worked. * discussed my idea with my line manager ensuring I had their support * spoke to Human Resources to ensure there were no data protection issues * explained the benefits to my colleagues allowing them to raise any issues and alleviate any concerns * requested paperwork from my previous working hours to be sent over via email, this allowed me to complete historic data onto the database * created a desktop file everybody could access that stored all the paperwork required for staff * printed out the required documentation for each staff member and created a hardback file with a section for each staff member to have the required paperwork * shared this database with other teams to promote best practise and uniformed working * requested feedback from my colleagues which I used to change the database accordingly This resulted in clarity about leave throughout the team. This is now a key system used daily by everyone within our team to instil structure and accommodate the needs of our service users. MANAGING A QUALITY SERVICE At UKBA I had daily communication with people seeking asylum and representatives seeking information on their case. I :- * kept clients informed of their progress when they requested & provided information to their representitive in timely manner. I would also update their case on the database for all departments to access. * followed company templates entering clients details into letters requesting further information supporting their claim; previous addresses, date of residency and supporting proof. I empathised with clients who struggled

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