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First Quarter Competency Write Up There are many skills that one must have and maintain to work at a retail type business. Over the past quarter I have been evaluated on a certain amount of these skills and am going to explain how I was able to perform each skill. One skill you must have is the ability to be able to use proper grammar and vocabulary. You must be able to talk to the customer using terms that they can relate to and understand. If you use words that a customer can’t comprehend they will lose you and may leave dissatisfied, and if you use words that make a customer look as though they know nothing, they will also leave upset. Another thing you have to be able to do is answer telephones in a businesslike manner. Anytime that I am working, either me or my coworker are to answer the phone when a customer calls, and answer all of their questions to the best of our abilities. When working with customers, an important skill to have is to be able to convince your customers of your view point. Often times you know more about the product than your customer, and you want to convince them as to why the particular product would be a good or bad purchase for them. A skill that you wouldn’t think one would need to work in retail, but in fact is very important, is the ability to give oral presentations. Either during meetings, or when presenting a product to a customer, you have to be able to present the product confidently and speak in a manner that interests your audience. Being able to use some sort of word processing program is also very important. You have to be able to make labels for certain products, or make custom sale tags. Along with word processing skills, you must be able to work with spreadsheets as it is a great way to keep track of past sales or important information in an organized manner. Coming to work every day and

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