Competence and Skills in Human Resources Essay

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Know your Competence and Skills A simple definition of Competence explains it as the ability of an individual to perform his/her task or job properly. A given task may be accomplished by many individuals in a group, but the efficiency and effectiveness with which it is executed differentiates the performance of one individual from another. The combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour used to improve performance and act in wide variety of situations, is the competence of an individual. Competency is the most essential ingredient for organizations and personnel to achieve the desired goals. Achieving competency is all about understanding and applying * Principles (Beliefs, ethics and culture) * Skills (can be inherent or acquired) * Behaviors (judgment, actions) * Process (Plan, improve) * Techniques (adopt existing successful models or innovate) Principles are the fundamental beliefs, ethics and morals which form the backbone of any business or any individual. While defining them for yourself and while internalizing them as a part of your organization, an individual needs to whet or sharpen the skills. Some skills are inherent and some acquired. The skills of an individual have a reflection on the behaviour in terms of actions and decisions that he/she would take to execute a particular task. Having decided upon the action to be taken, one needs to process (plan or improve) the action. Process in place, one has to decide on the best possible technique or method to get the desired result. Know your Skills The long rings on your cell jolted you out of your sleep, you took the call uttering all curses and when you hear the message from the other side, you stand there speechless. Look upto God and thank HIM for giving you an uncle who left you such a big fortune. You had grown up hearing stories about your uncle who had worked very hard

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