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Competence Essay

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Competence: Its Relevance to Nursing


What is competence and how does it relate to the practice of nursing?   My

purpose in writing this paper is to answer these questions and to help practicing nurses

understand their own individual competency.

What is the significance of competence to nursing?   Our credibility as

practitioners is often judged by patient outcomes.   Maintaining competency is essential

for delivering safe and professional nursing care to patients (Nagelsmith 1995).   It is no

longer acceptable to simply meet the standards.   McGregor states “Nurses today need a

comprehensive understanding of patient’s illness, the ability to function independently,

anticipate problems, and implement interventions beyond the level accepted previously”

(1990, p 287).   In many definitions of competency we see words such as “adequate” and

“sufficient”.   For our profession to continue, nurses must prove that we are not merely

practicing within these minimal standards, but are surpassing them and raising the level

of what is considered competence.


The term competence is derived from the French competence and the Latin

Competentia, meaning and agreement (Webster’s 1938).   The Dictionary of the English

Language (1775) defines competence as such a quantity of anything as is sufficient,

without exuberance.   Later references continue to define competence as sufficiency

without excess (Webster 1938).   The National Council of State Boards of Nursing defines

competence as the application of knowledge and the interpersonal, decision-making and

psychomotor skill expected for the practice role.
Nagelsmith (1995) notes Butler’s definition of competence as “the ability to meet or

surpass prevailing standards of adequacy for a particular activity”.   This definition introduces the idea of situational competence.   Nagelsmith also identifies skill and knowledge as “interrelated components...

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