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Compensation and Benefits U06a1 Employee Discipline Individual Assignment: Arnell Footman Company: Bad Robot Productions February 21, 2010 Employee Discipline: Bad Robot Productions Introduction Bad Robot Productions has several responsibilities to employees. First, they have a responsibility to create jobs if they want to grow. Once the company creates jobs it has an obligation to see to it that hard work and talent are fairly rewarded. (Nickel, McHugh, McHugh, 2008) It has been shown that much of this influence has come from the companies effectiveness and financial performance in its human resources department. One way the company the company has demonstrated this is through their commitment and care to their employees. These benefits along have helped employees of Bad Robot Productions reach their personal goals as well. Formal and Informal Discipline Policy Maintaining discipline is a necessary condition for establishing work ethics. There are many ways to provide discipline, but one of the most productive is motivating employees because they have a passion for their work. Bad Robot Productions uses motivational theories to help the company meet the necessary needs of many of its employees. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Maslow said that all motivation comes from a person’s hierarchy of needs. A person is motivated by his or her own needs and Maslow defined the needs in a pyramid as he thought once a person had fulfilled on level of needs, he or she would try to move onto the next level, therefore giving them motivation. Bad Robot Productions has successfully implemented a program to identify the needs of potential employees and have structured the program to meet the individual needs therefore enabling on to move up the ladder of success. When any aspect of employee behaviour is unacceptable an informal discipline

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