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Compassion is the virtue of empathy for the suffering of others. The situations in the three essays vary due to the different events that occur, However the link between the stories “On Compassion” by Barbara Lazear Ascher, “Christmas at home” by P.J Alexander and “Policeman” by Spencer Franzee, all of them involve a type of emotion where individuals express “compassion” toward someone in need. The essay “On Compassion” is about a mother and her son who feels compassion for a homeless man. She gives this man money when she see’s him on the sides of the road as a result of empathy and compassion, she sees the man again in the coffee shop accepts a beverage and a bag of bread. But she thought, ” Twice I have witnessed this, and twice I have wondered, what compels this women to feed this man? pity?care?compassion? “If expulsion were her motivation she would not reward his arrival with gifts of food”. That is how we know the women who gave the homeless man a coffee and a bag of food was not trying to rid of him, She felt sympathetic which created her compassionate act. I can relate to this story because there was a time in my life where I felt sympathy towards my best friends mother Dawn, when her son Shawn passed at such a young age. I often find myself going over Dawns house a lot and comforting her and talking about Shawn. Another example of “Compassion” is the essay “Christmas at home” which vitalizes key points on how strong this feeling really is. The essay “Christmas at Home” by P.W. Alexander. Is about her growing up in a large, wealthy family. In which the family volunteered at a soup kitchen every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Alexander didn't like that she had to volunteer on the holidays. Alexander’s grandmother was wealthy, she wore nice white gloves and nice appeal, and she looked like the type of women that wouldn’t do anything to make herself look

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