Compass and Torch Essay

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Compass and torch by Elizabeth Blaines . In This short story, written by Elizabeth Baines, we hear about a father and his boy who is 8. And they are going on a camping trip. They try to form a relationship, because they haven’t seen each other that much, and they don’t have this connection, like others fathers and sons have. The boy has decided, that he wants a relationship with his father, and he wants to do everything for his fathers care. The son do know that the relationship is not that strong, but he still doesn’t wants his mother to talk bad about the dad, because the father is his father and he cares about him. ( Page 3 line 97 ) “ . . .Known the sort of things his mother would be saying. . . “ And the boy also defend his dad by saying ( page 3 line 93-94 ) “ The boy breathes with relief. 'I've got a compass,' he cries, 'and guess what, I forgot mine too! ” he said that so the father wouldn’t think about that he maybe is a bad father, and the mom couldn’t say something evil to the dad because the boy also forgot the compass. They badly have a relationship, and they haven’t been in touch the last four - month. You can also see, that they don’t have a good, and healthy relationship when the boy addressing the father “ the man ” . The son is not old on the paper, he act older then he is, and he don’t do what he have heard from his mother at home, that the father isn’t a good person. The son wants to start on a fresh with his dad, and that shows that he is mature, a lot of kids at that age just do and think what they have heard and seen from the parents because they don’t think so mush about it, they are just kids. In the text he talk about dadness and that shows that the boy miss the father and he just want his father to be near him he want a dad to take care of him, like the word sweetness it’s a thing you can say to a person who is sweet to you

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