Compass and Torch Essay

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Compass and Torch Themes: Growing up/ Childhood Hopes/Dreams Communication ‘The Boy’ goes on a camping trip with his Father, who he hasn’t seen for 4 months. The boy is very excited about bringing his torch but is disappointed that his Father is not more interested in it. There are horses on their camping trip, but the humans do not understand what they want. The Father & Boy both realise that they have forgotten each of their compasses. They aren’t doing well at communicating; they don’t speak about anything important. The man feels that he’s lost his child and the child is haunted by their inability to communicate. Plot: Compass: They’ve both forgotten it, therefore they are both lost Symbols – can relate this to language & structure Torch: They both remember them. This uses symbolism of light to show they both hope to find their relationship. “a torch for lighting when the time comes, for lighting up the expedition of father and son.” Line 54 “Two torches are for lighting a bigger space in the wilderness, for lighting it together. Two torches are for father and son to back each other up.” Line 72 But then... in the epiphany “The man gently takes away the torch,” 171 suggests he’s lost hope? Horses: Symbolic of the pair’s inability to communicate – animals can’t communicate? Animals want food to begin with, can’t communicate. Horses at end, “in his dreams the boy will see their wild fringed eyes and feel the deep thudding of their hooves,” sounds nightmarish, analyse language. This symbolises the fact that their inability to communicate haunts him for the rest of his life. -all themes reflect the ‘lost’ nature of their relationship • Lines 1-9- Form present tense: • reflects timeless nature of this event, it will affect boy for years in the future. Reflects importance of father-son relationship & its enduring

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