Compass and Torch Essay

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There is a lot of symbolism used in compass and torch. At the beginning of the narrative, Baines addresses the boy and father as “boy” and “man.” The use of the word “man” signifies a lack of relationship between the father and son, as the word “man” resembles an outsider. Moreover, the short sentence, before the main characters are addressed, signifies that their relationship is destined “end.” In addition, the vivid description of the “open moor” has been used by Baines increasingly well. The use of the words “bleached” and “bruised” both suggest that their relationship has been damaged, but, the boy is excitedly "looking ahead” and wanting to give his dad a chance. The boy’s excitement of meeting his dad is communicated in the first paragraph. Short sentences are used highly effectively to make the reader want the trip to be a success. The sentence, “the boy is intent,” suggests how excited the boy is about meeting his father, after “one year.” He drinks in “the essence of dadness,” which is used by Baines to symbolically infer how much the boy has missed having his dad around, to look up to. We can see that the dad is nervous about talking to his son, as he believes that his son may not want to talk to him. His son has a “glitter of anxiety” in his eyes, which causes his father to sear away, with guilt. The use of the word “glitter” shows that the boy is trying to hide his nervousness, but cannot help it, because of his dad’s urge to complete things in a abrupt

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