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The novel Maestro, written by Peter Goldsworthy has similarities and differences; compared to the film Amadeus directed by Peter Shaffer. The film and the novel have many things in common that can be looked at comparatively. The examples of themes, characterization and plot, and will be deconstructed to find the common ground between the two texts. Similar character personalities are evident, when comparing the two different texts. Paul and Saliari are presented to be similar, as they come to realization that they aren’t perfect, and get judged against the people they look up to; Mozart and Keller. This makes them angry; they feel like they have been wrongly judged. Keller and Mozart are the most perfect in both the novel and the film. What is different is that they don’t realize it; they feel that they have talent, but not perfection. They are looked up to by the characters of Paul and Saliari in amazing ways they are jealous of them. The strong women play major parts, they are supported by main characters Paul and Mozart. They are in the plot as a sub-text reference to enhance the theme of music. Keller quote “has an affection” for Paul, showing greater the interpretation of Keller through Pauls eyes. They provide the support for their partners throughout the events. They are the mothers of their children. Those is a common theme of music both the texts of Maestro and Amadeus that show through the playing of the piano, originating from this Austrian background. The difference is that the music played by the two main characters are different, Mozart is naturally good at it, whereas Paul is trying to be of the standard as Mozart, it is his journey. The run for perfection is also engaged in the two contexts; In Maestro Paul is trying to become a ‘professional’ at piano playing, and become like the greats, and there is Saliari who, in a different stage of life

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