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Comparisons of Biblical and Islamic Tales Essay

  • Submitted by: akvasquez01
  • on November 19, 2013
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Anthony Vasquez

  Religious scriptures are not only important historical and literary works; they also provide the basis for the moral and ethical behavior within religions. The stories written within these texts provide teachings to those who follow, seeking to effectively explain how individuals should behave in order to achieve close proximity to godliness. The bible is one the earliest religious texts discovered whose stories are still old and retold in the 21st century. The Quran also guides the moral actions of its followers with similar stories, though a much later publication than the bible. However, through my readings of the bible I found quite a few differences from the way these stories were depicted in the Quran. Based on the comparisons made between major bible stories, it can be concluded that while the Bible portrays a God that is full of wrath and seemingly human characteristics. Conversely, the stories within the Quran characterize a God that is just, pensive, and superior in his behaviors, leading one to believe in his perfection as a ruler. In addition to the characterization of God, there is also the presence of wrath in other major characters in the Bible, which cease to be found in the Quran.
    The very first story that will be discussed is the story of Adam and Eve. The bible’s portrayal of the story of Adam and Eve seeks to place blame on the female. The serpent’s manipulation of Eve leads her to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, also leading Adam to fall victim as a result. This version of this story is often argued as anti-feminist, with Eve being punished by the Lord and forced to answer to Adam as her master. The bible says, “The Lord God called to the man, and said to him, where are you? And he said, I heard the sound of thee in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. He said, who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat? The man said, the woman whom...

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