Comparison Where I Come from , Summer Farm

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In both poems ‘Where I Come From by Elizabeth Brewster’ and ‘Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig’, the author makes a dominant connection between the natural world and mankind by addressing the importance of digging down to your roots, finding your own identity through it and also focusing on how nature alters to fit with your emotional state. In ‘Where I Come From by Elizabeth Brewster’, it concentrates on idea that wherever you come from, you carry a sense of that place in your mind. By trying to convey this message and create the effect of a nostalgic poem, the author had used many techniques such as sibilance, similes, alliteration and metaphors. On the other hand, in ‘Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig’, the author’s central idea is to get across the message that the natural world is created according to the emotions of man. The author tries to put across his thoughts through using techniques such as juxtaposition, introspective perception, recursion, rhyme, assonance and alliteration. ‘Where I Come From by Elizabeth Brewster’ states the importance of having an identity and that your identity comes from your link to the natural world. The author splits the poem up into two stanzas to show the difference the speakers past and present. On the first stanza, the author focuses on getting the message “people are made of places”, a metaphor, across, leading the audience to catch the central meaning of the poem. Alternatively, ‘Summer Farm’ states that the natural world is fitted and altered to what emotional state one is in. The poem is divided into four stanzas; each one has two pairs of rhyme. In the poem, the author also explores metaphysics, which are concepts that are abstract and intangible beyond in physical world. This helps the audience to be imaginative of what is beyond the natural world and beyond what is in sight. Both poems explores the powerful
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