comparison "the lamb" and "the tyger"

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These are two poems written by William Blake. “The Lamb” and “The Tyger”. William was a very religious person (biography online). In these poems the ultimate question is how can God who is the creator of all that is great; create two things that are so different from each other. In “The Lamb” William Blake uses a biblical allusion to Christ being the lamb. When we think of a lamb, we think of something soft and gentle, something that will not harm you. You see Christ as such in the bible. Christ was referred to as “the lamb of God” several times in the New Testament. “He is meek and mild”(line 15). These are also words used in the bible to describe Jesus. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit are all in one. God could not come down to earth in spirit form. “He became a little child” (line 16). On Christmas, a child was born to serve the world and he was call Christ. In the early years people used lamb for sacrifices to their gods. In the bible it is said that Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins. This means he sacrificed he life for us. In this case he could be referred to as the lamb. In the second stanza, when using the word He the first letters are capitalized. This is because he is addressing a supreme being. “God”. In this entire poem he uses imagery and metaphor to describe Christ. Also he sues an AA-BB rhyme in the first stanza. On the other hand we know that there is evil, which is always represented by lucifer. Biblical allusion to lucifer as the tyger. A tiger is a big wild animal that can hurt or even kill. The forest is also dark, quiet and harbors a lot of wild animal. This is the creator saying that lusifer is evil. In the bible hell is describe as a large fire that will burn till eternity. The poem is talking about fire and burning. The word “chains” also used symbolizes restrains. In the bible it is said that if you

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