Comparison Of Sonnet Xviii And One Day I Wrote Her Name

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Sonnet is a form of poetry that is written with rigid rules. It must be fourteen lines in length; it must be iambic pentameter, and it has to follow a certain structure and rhyming scheme depending on what type of sonnet it is. Although there are many restrictions, poets are often inspired by the challenge; and deliberately fit their thoughts into different sonnets that has different themes, tones, mood, and image. Below is a comparison between Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII and Spenser’s One Day I Wrote Her Name. First of all, both sonnets are similar in theme. Spenser writes his lover’s name on the sand, but it is soon erased by the waves to illustrate how time destroys every earthly thing. However, he wants to make his love eternal with his poetry. As long as the poem is read, “My verse and your virtues rare shall eternize”. Similarly, Shakespeare also wishes to do that with his poetry. “When in eternal lines to time thou growest” and “So long lives this, and this gives life to thee”. At the end, this couplet presents the theme again: poetry is eternal, hence beauty and love in poetry are made eternal with it. In spite of their alikeness in theme, the two poets approached it differently. Spenser starts from an ordinary event that could happen in our daily lives. His poem is mainly the conversation between his lover and him, thus making his point through the dialogue. On the contrary, Shakespeare seems to be speaking to himself in a monologue, but also occasionally addressing his lover as well. Lastly, the moods of their poems are also different. Sonnet XVIII is more like a step-by-step argument; first saying that his lover looks more lovely than the already lovely summer, and then states that all natural beauty diminish no matter how great they once were. However, “thee” ‘s beauty will not fade because as long as people can read the poem, it gives
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