Comparison Response:The Last King of Scotland Vs. The In-Between Worlds of Vikram Lall

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The In-between Worlds of Vikram Lall and The Last King of Scotland both take place in the current political struggle of Africa. Both storylines deal with how the political situation is affecting the citizens of its nation. Nicholas Garrigan and Vikram Lall are caught in the political heat in war raging countries. The reality of life and politics hits both characters hard when they are confronted with choices that they have to make regarding their personal values and morals. The two stories are similar for they are an important statement about personal choices and consequences. In the movie, The Last King of Scotland, and the novel, The In-Between Worlds of Vikram Lall, both Nicholas and Vikram choose to live a life of luxury and comfort. When Nicholas is offered the position as the president’s personal physician, he decides to accept this offer. He was very aware that he could be helping many villagers, but instead, he chose to work for the president. This choice was made based on personal gain. By working for the president Nicholas Garrigan is able to have a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. This choice however comes with a price, which is revealed towards the end of the film. Vikram Lall, an Indian in Kenya was also confronted with a similar situation. When Vikram discovered that he was accepting bribes for his boss, he chooses to continue on working. Even though Vikram knew it was wrong, he continued to do so for personal benefits. He accepted cash bribes for himself. In both cases, the two characters had to make a choice regarding personal gain over their moral and ethical values. As the politics heat up in Africa, the two characters are caught in the middle. When Nicholas Garrigan discovers the truth about Amin behind his smiling façade, he is finally struck with the political realities. This is the turning point for Nicholas where he decides that his

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