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Rain Rain is one of the most important things that Mother Nature gives us, even though it seems like a normal thing for everybody, but if we take time and think about it, we’ll see that almost all the water we have comes from rain. Plants that keep our environment healthy, or fruits and vegetables that we eat, are both dependent on rain to stay alive. Furthermore rain washes the air after dusty days, keeps the water level in rivers and artificial lakes or natural lakes. Rainy days in winter are kind of the most hatred days for some people, while other people love rainy days. It is an essential thing to keep life going for everybody on this planet; humans, animals and plants. No one can live without water, and lack of water would affect every single creature on earth. If we think about it for a second, human bodies are composed of 55 to 60 % of water, which gives a clear sign of how important water is. And since the human body gains the water it needs from fruits and vegetables besides drinking water, fruits and vegetables are needed for humans, and rain is the main factor that helps them grow. Some cities in the world, drink tap water, and don’t have to buy water like we do here in the states; the tap water they drink is filtered and driven to houses or areas where people leave. That water comes from rivers or lakes in some areas, and in other areas comes from the sea or ocean after being treated to be sweetened and drinkable. If it’s not for rain, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans would vanish with time, because sun works on evaporating the water on earth, if there was no rain to compensate that evaporated water, then there will come a day, where we have no water at all. Water evaporates, and floats in the air as water vapor, we can’t see it and we can’t touch it, keeps going up in the air until it reaches a level where its colder in the sky, and that’s when

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