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Comparison Paper 1 – Crabb PACO 507: Theology and Spirituality in Counseling Anjannette Williams April 2015 LOU Dr. Steven Warren, Professor Comparison Paper 1 Primary goal Dr. Crabb has a desired outcome of integrating/developing a biblical counseling model gracefully into the local church (p.16). The goal of biblical counseling should be to help Christians advance in maturity and to become like Christ. Crabb’s goal is to integrate and develop biblical counseling model gracefully into the local church (p.16). Development of problems and personal need It is important for Christian counselors to retain a level of sensitivity for the selfish nature of those needing counseling. Counselors must differentiate between needs and wants. “We need significance and security in order to function effectively” (p. 70). Counseling is nothing more than having a conversation in a friendly atmosphere while being open to listen and understand clearly how the problem began. “As [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Psalm 23:7). Once we understand who we are in Christ, then our significance can be in effect.” Feeling loved, in spite of, is a security that is needed. Formula for change Change begins in the mind of an individual. The thinking of a person has to change before the desired outcome is achieved. Crabb identifies four suggestions to assist changing wrong thinking to right thinking: 1. Identifying where the wrong assumption was learned, 2. Encourage expression of emotions surrounding the belief, 3. Support the client as he is considering changing his assumptions, 4. Teach the client what to fill his mind with the “Tape Recorder” technique (pp.

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