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Robin L Brown Intro to Art December 1, 2011 Comparison Between Funerary Mask of King Tut And Funerary Mask of Agamemnon I choose to write my comparison paper on the Funerary Mask of King Tut and the Funerary Mask of Agamemnon. I notice both mask gold is the major material used in the makeup of both masks. I will compare features from both masks. The mask of King Tut is made from gold with an inner layer of glass. King Tuts’ mask uses semi precious stones to beautifully decorate the mask. (Art History, fourth edition: Marilyn Stokstad/Michael W. Cothren) In comparing the materials used to make the mask of Agamemnon, I find the mask is made of solid gold. Agamemnon mask is much more simplified then the Mask of King Tut. The mask of King tut displays the eyes opened, which catches my eyes to like I am looking into King Tuts’ soul. The mask of Agamemnon the eyes are closed. In viewing the mask of King Tut the way is created appears to draw the eyes to the center. I find the lines and rows of King Tuts’ mask to be magnificently decorated with the semi precious stones. In comparing yet the differences of color in King Tuts’ mask compared to the only solid gold color of Agamemnon I feel the mask of King Tut is far better piece of art with the brilliant colors to the observer’s eye. I also have more interest in viewing a piece of art with meticulous arrangement of color. Even though when I study the mask the colors of the blues, greens, and red used in the rows and bands catch my eye, I still find even though the mask of King Tut has more colorful affect in the light it appears the gold sparkles and shines brightly. In comparison to the mask of Agamemnon the only color in this mask is gold. Since the only color is gold used in Agamemnon mask is gold the eye would be drawn to look at the design of this mask. Since there is no

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