Comparison of Two Role Models

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Assignment # 6 February 26, 2013 Comparison of two public figures, leaders and role models Life is an experience that people go through. The experience of others helps to streamline our way of thinking and doing things. Leaders are important people in a country. Leaders are usually respectable people and are viewed as intelligent people who provide directions which impacts positively on the lives of many. Martin Luther King Junior and Nelson Mandela are some of my iconic leaders and role models that impact positively on people’s lives. Both leaders have similarities as well as contrasts in their leadership styles. Some of the contrasts that were exhibited by these leaders include: Martin Luther King Junior was a black American residing is the U.S. He was born in Atlanta in 1929 and died on 1968 through assassination. He was a Baptist minister as well as civil rights activist who fought for the rights and representation of the black Americans. He was against racial discrimination that was being perpetuated by the white counterparts. On the other hand, Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa in 1918, and he is still alive. He was one of the African leaders who have gone in the books of history for fighting tirelessly for the representation of Africans and Indians in the government. He was instrumental in bringing to an end the apartheid regime, which mistreated Africans by denying them land and other fundamental rights. Another difference between the two leaders is that Martin Luther king was an evangelist and at the same time, a human rights activist. Nelson Mandela was a political leader who sought to ensure that all South Africans were provided with equal opportunities and rights. Martin Luther King Junior used his captivating speeches as well as non-violence ways for agitating for the rights of the black Americans. On the other hand, nelson Mandela
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