Comparison of the Lamb, and the Tyger

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Reading response 4 The poems “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” focus on a similar topic of religion and creation. There are symbolic references of Jesus in “The Lamb” including the actual lamb, and the child. This poem explores the beauty and innocence that God had created in the earth. It begins with the child asking the lamb who made him, and during the course of the poem it is revealed that the child knew the answer all along and says that the lamb was made by another lamb (Jesus/God). The lines “He is meek & he is mild, He became a little child” shows that the creator of the lamb and the child is a kind and beautiful god. He is able to make such wonderful creatures on the earth in his own image, and these creatures are seen as innocent, and wonderful. The worldview in this poem is that God is wonderful because he is able to create such innocent and wonderful beings on the earth (such as lambs, and children). This can also be seen in the tone of the poem. It appears has a very song like quality to it when the poem is read. However “The Tyger” is a very different poem. Its tone throughout is a more menacing and almost fearful tone. The speaker is fearful of the tiger, because it is so viscous and dangerous. The tiger is portrayed as a beautiful beast, but yet it is so dangerous that the speaker/reader is left to wonder how this is possible and why this would be created. The line “Burnt the fire in thine eyes” I think symbolizes the inner “evil” of the tiger and shows that no matter the beauty on the inside there is always going to be a dangerous side to this beast. I think this poem portrays a more cynical view on the world; because I feel as if the speaker is expressing that there is beauty on the outside of all creatures and throughout the earth, but on the inside there can be a viscous beast that can cause great damage. I also feel as if it is to question

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