Comparison Of The Film Penelope And Book The Giver

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Comparison of the film Penelope and book The Giver (Penelope) The movie Penelope was all about a young girl named Penelope who was searching for a man who can break the spell casted to her great grandfather but was generated on her. Her grandfather had impregnated a woman who was a servant in their mansion and was forced not to marry her because their life status doesn’t match in any way. As revenge to the Wilhern family, the mother of the woman impregnated by her grandfather casted a spell on their family that the next girl born in their family line would have the aspect of a pig and so when Penelope was born, she was sent far from their mansion and was hidden by her parents. The only way to break the spell was to find a one of her own and learns to truly love her, which was interpreted by her parents to mean a man of noble birth. To break the spell, her mom had taught her everything a lady should be in order to find a noble man who would fall in love with her. She even got Penelope a date organizer. Since Penelope came from a prestigious family and known from their riches, a lot of men were attracted to the data made by the date organizer for Penelope. Unfortunately, every man that had a look or even a glimpse of Penelope’s face got frightened of her pig appearance. Some men just suddenly jumped off the window and others just ran out of the mansion screaming. This had made Penelope sad and felt like giving up but her mother told her and made her understand that she doesn’t have to worry because her piggy appearance was not hers, it was her great grandfather’s nose and ears. A man named Vanderman, one of the man who took flight at first sight teamed up with Lemon(a tabloid reporter who spent his life stalking Wilhern family and had seen Penelope when she was a baby) to reveal and prove to everyone that they are not crazy and

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