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Comparison Of Thai And American Overview

  • Submitted by: mrwriitenman
  • on January 6, 2012
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When we hear the words: The United States of America, we always think about “the land of the free and home of the brave”. From this we know that the Americans really focus on the freedom .They think people should have rights to do the things they want to do under the law. For example in term of the freedom of speech; when American people have chances to show their opinions, they will always express them openly and directly as long as they believe those opinions are right. Moreover, we can see that the Americans have the self-reliance, which makes them very proud of themselves and their nation. As an illustration, when the American children have the questions during the class, they always have self confidences to ask if they don’t understand. Also, the another example, when they talk about the things which are made in America, or the extraordinary events which take place there, they will be proud as if they are the best nation and the best country in the world like the expression “Only in America”. This world view is related to individualism, which Americans think that their individuals’ wishes, needs, and aspiration are more important than the group including their families. For instance, the college kids can decide their own majors by themselves, or there is no need to give their families money when they get jobs. By their worldview, it is not wrong or does not show any disrespect. Furthermore, they think that “time sense is futuristic”. They always think towards their future rather than the past and present. In America, it is typical to make a schedule for next week, to plan on one’s student’s education before they kids go to college, and to work hard in order to save money for good living in the future. Those thought make them being busy as the saying that “Time is money”
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All cultural worldview of the America above, we can see that those are different from our Thai culture and Thai worldview. First of all, in term of the...

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