Comparison Of Slavery: James Henretta And Frederick Douglass

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Slavery is a time in our history that many people would like to forget. However there are arguments that there were some positives that came out of slavery. James Henretta and Frederick Douglass both have different outlooks on the affects of slavery. Douglass showed how life for the slave was during the time, while Henretta discussed the accomplishments of the slave owners. Henretta and Douglass shared a few views on slavery. One of these views is how the more slaves that were owned by an individual the higher ranked in society that person was. They both talked about how slaveholders found different ways to acquire more slaves. Douglass writes about how slaveholders would purposely impregnate female slaves in order to produce a child. The laws back then stated that…show more content…
After reading Douglass’s narrative I was able to see the true affect slavery had on the African Americans. If I were to have not read James Henretta’s The South Expands: Slavery and Society, I would have no sympathy for the white slave owners. One example Douglass gives is when he talks about one of his slave owners Colonel Lloyd. He discussed how Lloyd had a great amount of slaves and could not recognize every single one. He would walk down the road and if he saw a lone slave he would ask the slave who is owner was and how was he treated. The slave not recognizing Lloyd said “Colonel Lloyd is my slave owner and we are not treated very well.” During these times slaves were forced to talk highly of their owners or they would be punished severely. One of the stories Douglass told that really caught my attention was the whipping of a slave named Demby. Mr. Gore, his owner, had just whipped Demby and afterwards Demby went in the creek to cool off his wounds. Mr. Gore ordered him to come out of the creek and Demby refused. Mr. Gore then proceeded to count to three and then shot him for disobeying
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