Comparison of “Magnolia” and “Crash”

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The two films, “Magnolia” and “Crash” are both life changing stories. Both stories depict coincidence and interchangeable actions between complete strangers. “Magnolia,” written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson goes more in depth with each stranger’s story and makes them all connect in an abstract way that is unthinkable. “Crash” written and directed by Paul Haggis is a more modern and up to date story than “Magnolia” is. “Crash” is also based solely on racism and the change that people encounter when they are put into certain and surreal circumstances. Both films are as equally good but “Crash” definitely steps it up a notch with its camera effects and visual points. “Crash” connects each scene by using effects, where as “Magnolia” is based solely from the cameras ability. For instance, a lot of graphics are used to film “Crash” because it is a more modern movie and now a days people are prone to those images and visuals. Magnolia was filmed in 1999, and even with its effects you’d thin it’d be a more recent film, as well. They both, “Magnolia” and “Crash” have a really good story line that is unmatched. “Magnolia” and “Crash” have very dramatic coloring. The most frequent used colors are blue, green, yellow, and black. The colors represent how intense the movie is and it gives the audience a sense of mystery and awe. In the picture clips, there is always a lot going on with minimal speaking roles. There is always a lot of action and things going on in the background. These films represent the anonymous quote “actions speak louder than words.” There was never much said but the story line gave so much affect to the audience. Unlike how other movies capture particular objects in detail, “Magnolia” and “Crash” focus on a whole setting. There were always a lot of props in the background of the main characters. By using a lot of props, it shows the true

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