Comparison of Law Reflection

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Comparison of Law Reflection Law 421 December 10, 2012 Jacques Ward Learning Team "B" Reflection Week Two Within the legal world there are various types and categories of law. There are laws that apply to a particular state as well as laws that cover the nation. If you research enough you will even find obsolete and laws that appear to just be unnecessary. In our paper we will look at some of the more commonly recognized categories of law which regulate both business and individuals. Statutory Law One of the primary sources of law is Statutory Law. Statutory law is written law passed by legislature and government. These are also laws that have been accepted by society. Two major points that separate statutory law from all other types of law are that all criminal laws in the United States is statutory and statutes can be upheld at the federal, state and local levels. Common Law Common law is the other primary source of law. Common law can be simply defined as unwritten law. It is based on customs and precedents set by different states and the federal government rather than written codes. In society today most common laws have been adopted into written statutes but there are still some common laws that are so basic that there are no written statutes. A very common example of common law would be common law marriage, which is when a man a women live together and acknowledge each other as a spouse for a period of time. The main difference between common and statutory law is that common law offenses are those acts which violates orders made by judges and statutory law violations are against decisions passed by legislature. The U.S.Constitution in amendments seven and fourteen provides protection for common law. The seventh amendment provides the right to trial by jury. Substantive Law Substantive Law is a set of independent laws that
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