Comparison Of Good Will Hunting And Silver Linings Playbook

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Comparing Two Therapy Styles The two movies I used to compare the therapy styles are Good Will Hunting and Silver Linings Playbook. These two movies portray different therapy styles for someone who is emotionally unstable and who is trying to find a direction in his life. The movie Good Will Hunting shows great examples of different therapy styles but it shows that it may not be suitable for everyone. In Good Will Hunting, Matt Demon plays a character as janitor at MIT, who is gifted in mathematics and Robin Williams is his personal therapist. A professor at MIT meets Matt Demon and wants him to work under him after he sees how gifted and intelligent Matt Demon is. The professor goes in search among his colleagues to find a therapist to help Matt Demon get on track with his life and try to use his talent for his future. The first therapist that Matt Demon sees seems very professional but has trouble dealing with Matt Demon because he takes Matt Demon’s jokes too personally. Matt Demon comes off very rude and tries to avoid any therapy help. The first therapist was is a good listener but he makes the mood very awkward and his personality does…show more content…
His therapist, Dr. Patel, was a very good listener and is very calm. I think it is very hard to be a calm listener while the client is aggressive and angry but the therapist handled the situations very well. He was different from Robin William’s character because he didn’t share the similar experience as the client and tries to keep his life very private. The therapist in Silver Linings Playbook did a great job asking Pat why he does things that he does. For example, Pat gets very aggressive and his mood changes every time he hears his wedding song. The therapist does a great job asking open-ended questions and does not blame or offends

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