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Compare and contrast 2 named traditions in terms of doctrines, Traditions being compared in the context of doctrines artifacts, sacred texts, traditionsand rituals are Christianity and Islam. Both traditions have one common goal which is the service to humanity and belief of one god. Practices in both traditions will be described reflecting their differences and supported by customs which continue to be practiced to the present time. Christianity believes in one god who is mighty and good. His name is jesus and he is the creator, who revealed his word to man. All prayers are answered by him and due to him, a future life and the doctrine of resurrection is maintained. According to christianity god is one in nature, but there 3 persons constituting the Holy Trinity; that is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Islam proclaims Allah, the one god, who is sovreign and good, who also answers prayers, who works with both mankind in history calling prophets to proclaim God’s work. Islam offers two choices for mankind in each field. They are belief or disbelief; God or Satan; and Paradise or Fire of hell. Islamic beliefs practices that Muhammed u.h.b.p. ( 570-632) is the seal of the prophets, though others named include Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Moses and many others. Doctrines of islam include the following, there is one god, and he is called Allah by muslims. Based on their doctrines Allah sees all things is present everywhere with allah being the sole creator and sustainer of the universe. Allah is not a trinity, but is all knowing and all powerful, being the creator of both heaven and earth. Unlike islam, christianity also supports its practices based on several doctrines. These include the belief that there is only one god. He is 3 in one or omnipotent, all powerful and present everywhere. He is sovreign and he is love. Christianity believes that God is just and

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