Comparison of 2 Architectural Terminologies Essay

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My Analytical extract, shows the process & result of contrasting and comparing the two extremely different, but at the same time discussing under a same topic. So from here onwards I am going to start comparing Text 5 & text 12. Where Lucy Orta & Julienne Hanson both of these women have experimented & explained in a very easy & clear way about the creation of dwelling & architecture along with a small explanation and reason behind preserving it. Further Lucy Orta has tried to explain about the cloths that a person wears is itself an architecture for him/her. Lucy Orta has also done a deep study about the people who stay alone in today’s world. On the other hand Julienne Hanson Has looked into the people who do not stay in today's world or those who lived in the beginning where people were learning to dwell. Basically Julienne Hanson has researched about the people who were never, not even nearer to the life of modern world. Both of them are trying to approach a same goal but with their own perspective. We can see how they have approached the goal & what were the similarities between both the texts? Lucy Orta has found a technique through which the society & architecture combines. Her way of understanding differs from person to person. The way she looks at cloths & takes them as a part of architecture, especially based on the bases of the way people reside in them & also use it as a protection. She has researched a lot about the homeless, where she found a point that these people do not have any kind of building material to build a structure & call it their own architecture. Therefore to support this, she created shelter clothing that displays the inner functioning of them & also of the other people around them. She is aspiring to bring certain things into focus. Especially the things like the unseen bonds between different people, which will help each
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