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Comparison Matrix Paper-2 Transformational Leadership The two studies examined in this paper review the relationships between work behavior and transformational leadership style. Article 1 (Abbas, Iqbal, Waheed & Riaz , 2012), examines the motivational work behavior between the employees in educational institutions. This goal of this study was to find how the relationships in leaders’ and followers’ behaviors are beneficial in the recruitment, selection and other hiring practices for future employees in higher educational institutions. The second Article 2, (Arif, Zubair & Manzoor 2012) examines the relationships between leader-follower communication and positive work behaviors among employees of agencies that promote advertisements and print media. That these authors were studied except to prove a strong relationship between communication and positive work behavior. Each of these studies is looking at transformational leadership style and how the relationship of the leaders and the follower affects the overall success of the work environment by the use of innovative work behavior. Both authors’ studies would result in future hiring practices used by the employers. Research Question Article 1 looks at several questions in this study. The first question examines how influence attributed to a positive commitment towards work and the implementation of new ideas. The second question looks at how behavior and how it affects commitment towards work and idea implementation. The third and fourth question look at how individual ideas motivate and inspire the intellectual growth of new ideas positively and the promotion, the generalization, and implementation of those ideas. The final question looks at how individualized consideration is positively correlated with general ideas and their implementation. In Article 2, the question being asked by the author is
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