Comparison Lanier And Zadie

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WEB 2.0 The internet has advanced rapidly from the time it was first created. The new generation 2.0 has made life easy for a lot of people. In doing so the internet has also reduces humans from being their natural selves. People have become so dependent on the internet. Humans cannot do a lot without a computer; they use it to communicate, socialize, to help each other for their jobs. Humans reduced themselves to a simple mechanism. In Lanier’s “You are not a gadget “book, describes how technology is becoming more humanistic and is taking over our decision making skills because the internet has gotten programmed to make them for us. Lanier writes “The process of locked in is like a wave gradually washing over the rule book of life, culling the ambiguities of flexible thoughts as more and more thought structure are solidified into effectively permanent reality”. What he is trying to say is, a website or a program created online first is an idea that gradually using it and learning it makes you mandated to, it always makes you to use it and your brain so get adapted to and you cannot avoid it. On the other hand facebook is also a locked in program. Zadie Smith, the writer of “generation why” thinks that the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckenberg make people connect and doing so has made a locked in program, because of the way it was created. The color of site is blue because of Zucenberg is color blind to red and green and the blue is the only color he sees clearly. Zuckenberg is making that decision from his personal choice. Society already locked in to facebook. In her article Zadie says “You want to be optimistic about your own generation” meaning that you want to be up to date with everyone else and not to be judged because you don’t understand. Lanier also states that “Create a website that express something about who you are that won’t fit into the template
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