A Comparison Of Language In Chinese And English Literature Essay

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Thesis Statement: There are striking similarities between Chinese and English descriptions in literature in terms of diction, rhetorical devices and stylistic features. Outline: 1 On emotion.The way in which Chinese writers and English ones express emotion. 2 On setting.Descriptions in literature of both languages always tend to involve feelings and create emotional effect,techniques used in this two languages are of mutual principles. Part I There is a method of expressing sensations adopted in Chineses writing,and it is so widely used that we can hardly allow it to be rhetorical device.That is,Chinese writers tend to use vivid verbs to visualize or embody those abstract emotion.As feelings are more often than not intangible and implicit,a significient proportion of emotional urge is expressed in this way and is both precise and impressive.For example,we might write that something stirs our curiosity,unfurls our imagination,arouses our interest or shatters our expectation.We might also use wipe or erase one’s memory,purge one’s thoughts or something like that.In this way,out sentiment written become solid and tangible. And the same goes for English.For example: ”You dare not,you cannot deny that you have been the principal,if not the only means,of dividing them from each other,or exposing one to the censure of the world for caprice and instability,the other to its derision for disappointed hopes,and involving them both in misery of the acutest kind.”(Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen P142Chapter34)Here we can sense the strong emotional impact of the dialogue.The phrase”expose sb to the censure of ”,”involve sb in misery” accurately reflect the agitation of the heroine(Miss Elizabeth). “An instantaneous and strong impulse moved him(Soapy) to battle with his desperate fate.”(The Cop and the Anthem by O Henry)This sentence

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