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The Production Systems Between Toyota And Honda Marketing Essay Page 1 of 5 The Production Systems Between Toyota And Honda Marketing Essay Introduction of Japanese Production System Nowadays industrialization is very influenced on the economic growth and considered as a crucial element for success to each country. As we can see, Japan is the leading industrialization country in creating high technologies and innovations; consequently, its country is able to earn high profits and become powerful among others. Nevertheless, the idea and strategy are the main factor in making a profit in the business; the company will be success by creating the unique product which attracts the customer’s demand. Since the company has to develop the products and services to satisfy the customers, each company has to come up with their own production system due to its important in making the business move forward. However, Japanese Production System is considered as the most successful system among global markets. In this term, Japanese Production System means the system of manufacturing process resulting in products which come from the use of resources or existing of production factor, and this production system have been invented by Japanese people. According to this, Japanese is well-known in an automotive industry. Therefore, I would like to analyze and compare the production system of two big Japanese automotive industries; Toyota and Honda. Overview of Toyota Company Toyota is a product of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION; the largest car manufacturer in Japan and currently take place as the third largest car manufacturer in the world after GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION and FORD MOTOR COMPANY of the United States. Mr. Kiichiro Toyoda established Toyota

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