Comparison: Hero Or Felon?

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Hero or Felon? Samuel Mohammed of the West Palm Beach community was arrested and charged with arson after burning down a local crack house. Mr. Mohammed’s case has become a controversy because some insist that Mr. Mohammed was merely practicing civil disobedience as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr once did. The question at hand seems to be whether or not Mr. Mohammed is an arsonist or not? I intend to argue that Mr. Mohammed is indeed an arsonist, according to the law. According to, Arson crimes involve setting fire to property – usually residual property or a commercial structure. then goes on to define arson as “the intentional destruction or damage of property by burning it or setting it on fire. Most arson crimes involve…show more content…
Mohammed’s attorney and others argue that Mr. Mohammed was only practicing civil disobedience in tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. defines civil disobedience as a non-violent form of protest or resistance to obeying certain laws, demands and commands of a government or of an occupying power. Instead of organizing a group protest or a sit in at city hall to try and force authorities to handle the issue, like Dr. King, Mr. Mohammed took matters into his own hands, which could have caused harm to people hiding inside or living around the abandoned house had he not been careful enough. Mr. Mohammed was not resisting to obey laws, but deliberately disobeying laws for what may have been personal reasons. It may look like Mr. Mohammed did the West Palm Beach community a favor by burning down the abandoned house, but the people who used this house will now relocate to another abandoned house and other civilians may try to follow Mr. Mohammed’s tracks if he is not punished. To conclude, I feel that Mr. Mohammed was not practicing civil disobedience in this case, and should be charged with arson. However, for owning up to his actions, he could be cut some slack and serve the minimum sentence for arson at the least. Mr. Mohammed reasoning behind setting this abandoned house on fire is unknown, and it would be unfair not to charge him for breaking the
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