Comparison of Da Vinci Code Movie/book

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Code The Da Vinci Everyone has heard of the controversy surrounding Dan Brown’s novel “The Da Vinci Code”. The main character of his novel is the likeable Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor and world famous cryptographer, who inherits the challenging task of interpreting a variety of clues within art, architecture, and religion in a search for the “Holy Grail”. His quest will take him on a life and death chase through Europe, as well as Time, as he teams up with Sophie Neveu to unravel the mystery that her deceased grandfather has laid out for them. In their efforts to find out the truth behind her grandfather’s murder, who was the “Grand Master” of a secret religious society know as the Priory of Sion, they uncover a trail of supposed lies and deceit within the history of Christianity. This is the particular aspect of the novel that has attracted so much negative attention. Dan Brown’s propositions are so bold that if they were true, as he presents them to be, they would shatter the foundations of the Christian faith. Interestingly enough, Ron Howard’s film version of the best-selling novel has a more subtle approach to the propaganda presented by Brown, even though the characters and storyline remain consistent with the events in the book. The factors that differ the most between the film and novel would most likely go unnoticed for an individual who had not read the book before seeing the movie. The book is not excruciatingly long, however it simply contains such a dense amount of information that is hard to follow if you are deprived of the ability to take time to fully comprehend what the dialog is implying. While the novel allows the reader to explore all of the religious implications of the plot, the movie truly denies the viewer
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